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【abo亚搏手机版app】重磅!曝2020世俱杯将取消 中国或失世俱杯主办权?
发布时间:2021-09-25 06:14:03

Reported by Ma Dexing, an all-media reporter of the Sports Weekly


According to the UAE’s "Ittihad" newspaper, the 2020 Club World Cup scheduled to be held in Doha in December this year is likely to be cancelled because the European side firmly opposes FIFA’s proposal to arrange this event. Multiple plans to be launched early next year. Moreover, the newspaper also claimed that the first FIFA Club World Cup, which was originally scheduled for the expansion in China in the summer of 2021, with 24 teams participating, is likely to be arranged to other countries!

据阿联酋《 Ittihad》报纸报道,原定于今年12月在多哈举行的2020 Club World Cup可能会被取消,因为欧洲方面坚决反对FIFA安排此项活动的提议。明年年初将启动多个计划。此外,该报还声称,原定于2021年夏季在中国扩张abo亚搏手机版app的第一届FIFA俱乐部世界杯,有24支球队参加,很可能会安排到其他国家!

In the 70th FIFA National Congress held in the middle of last month, FIFA President Infantino made it clear at the press conference that the original club World Cup match in Doha in December this year has not been cancelled. The club competitions on continents only ended in December of this year, and some of them may not be completed within the year, and will not end until January next year. Therefore, the Club World Cup originally scheduled for Qatar may not be held at the end of this year, but FIFA We are still continuing our efforts, hoping to find a suitable time and method to replace the plan originally scheduled for December this year. One possible situation is to arrange it early next year."


However, the media revealed that the current negotiations between FIFA and all continents are not progressing smoothly, especially the European side expressed strong opposition, because FIFA proposed a number of plans to be carried out early next year, which will be scheduled for next February at the latest. , But because UEFA will arrange the UEFA Champions League at that time, Bayern Munich, which represents Europe, also needs to deal with the domestic league and cannot get away from Doha to compete. Therefore, the Doha Club World Cup has never been clear.

但是,媒体透露,目前国际足联与各大洲之间的谈判进展不顺利,尤其是欧洲方面表示强烈反对,因为国际足联提出了一些计划于明年年初进行的计划,该计划定于明年2月举行。最新的。 ,但是由于UEFA当时将安排UEFA冠军联赛,代表欧洲的拜仁慕尼黑也需要与国内联赛打abo亚搏手机版app交道,因此无法摆脱多哈的竞争。因此,多哈俱乐部世界杯从来就不是很清楚。

The Doha Club World Cup is the last tournament played by the championship teams of clubs from all continents. It is a seven-team tournament. The first FIFA Club World Cup with 24 teams, which FIFA decided at the Council meeting in October last year, has been determined to be held in China in the summer of 2021. However, affected by the epidemic, the European Cup and the America's Cup will be held in the summer of 2021, and FIFA has decided to postpone it.


The media also broke the news: FIFA hopes to schedule the first event of the new World Club Cup until the end of 2021, so as to avoid hosting two world competitions in one year and ensure the exclusiveness and irreplaceability of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Sex. This time point is not acceptable to China. Therefore, FIFA is currently considering: If FIFA finally determines that the match will be scheduled at the end of 2021 and China cannot host it, the first FIFA Club World Cup will be another option. Host country. The original seat allocation plan remains unchanged, and Asia still has 2.5 seats, but the seat that originally belonged to the host league champion team will be redistributed by FIFA.


However, so far, neither FIFA nor China have been able to prove the authenticity of this revelation.


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