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[Some teams will be adjusted in the second stage of the Chinese Super League, and domestic coaches will become the focus of inspection] In the 14th round of the Chinese Super League, as the championship and relegation teams have fallen off, the Chinese Super League teams have begun to actively prepare for the second stage of coaches and foreign aid. It is understood that domestic coaches are becoming the focus of investigation, and Hao Wei of Shandong Luneng is one of them. Hao Wei used to be the youngest coach of the Super League. In 2009, he was in the most difficult period of Changsha Jinde. He was appointed as the fire-fighting coach when he was in danger and finally helped the team succeed in relegation. Later, Hao Wei's ability was favored by the Chinese Football Association and served as the head coach of the Chinese women's national team. He led the Chinese women's football team, which was in a downturn and in the process of renewal, to the third place in the Asian Cup and the top 8 in the World Cup. Since then, Guangzhou Evergrande Club hired Hao Wei to assist the famous coach Skokari. During his stay at Evergrande, Hao Wei followed Scolari to learn and accumulate, and he won the Chinese Super League and AFC Champions with the team, and participated in the World Club Cup. Journey. In 2017, Hao Wei served as the head of Shandong Luneng's Chinese coaching team, and at the end of the year he served as the club's technical director. After the Chinese Olympic coach Hiddink dismissed his get out of class, Hao Wei was once again in danger and became the executive coach of the Olympic team. Under Hao Wei’s rule, the Chinese Olympic team was in the same group as the final champion South Korea, fourth place Uzbekistan, and Persian iron cavalry Iran. Although the team failed to make a miracle, but only conceded 4 goals in 3 games. Can fight to the end, always retain the hope of victory, the team looks better than Hiddink's time, "People's Daily" praised Hao Wei "changed the Chinese Olympic Games in details." In this year’s Super League, the former National Olympic players Tong Lei, Yang Liyu, Chen Pu, Zhou Junchen, Duan Liuyu, Hu Jinghang, Huang Zhengyu, Feng Boxuan, Yang Shuai, Wei Zhen and others who were selected and trained by Hao Wei have performed well. Hao Wei promotes and uses young players. The player's skill is second to none in the country. In China, Hao Wei's ability to independently lead and form a team is currently the best of the Mesozoic generation coaches born in the 70s. He holds a professional coaching certificate and coaches Super League teams. With the Chinese Football Association's thinking on cultivating and developing domestic coaching teams, young coaches with potential like Hao Wei should get more opportunities to display their abilities.

[中国超级联赛第二阶段将调整部分球队,国内教练将成为检查的重点] 在中国超级联赛的第14轮中,由于冠军和保级球队的减少,中国超级联赛的球队已经开始积极准备教练和外援的第二阶段。 据了解,国内教练正成为调查的重点,山东鲁能的郝伟就是其中之一。郝伟曾经是中超联赛中最年轻的教练。 2009年,他正处于长沙金德最困难的时期。处于危险之中时,他被任命为消防教练,并最终帮助球队降级。 后来,郝薇的能力得到了中国足协的青睐,并担任了中国女子国家队的主教练。他带领中国女子足球队进入了亚洲杯的第三名,并进入了世界杯的前八名。 此后,广州恒大俱乐部聘请郝伟协助著名教练斯科卡abo亚搏手机版app里。在恒大期间,郝伟跟随斯科拉里学习和积累,并随队赢得了中国超级联赛和亚足联冠军,并参加了世界俱乐部杯。旅程。 2017年,郝玮担任山东鲁能中国教练团队负责人,并于年底担任俱乐部技术总监。在中国奥运教练希丁克解雇他离开学校后,郝玮再次陷入危险之中,成为了奥运代表队的执行教练。 在郝玮的统治下,中国奥林匹克队与最后的冠军韩国,第四名乌兹别克斯坦和波斯铁骑兵伊朗同属一个小组。尽管球队没有创造奇迹,但在3场比赛中只失4球。可以打到底,永远保留胜利的希望,球队看起来比希丁克的时代更好,《人民日报》称赞郝伟“改变了中国的奥运会细节”。 在今年的中超联赛中,前国家奥林匹克运动员童磊,杨立宇,陈璞,周俊臣,段留宇,胡静航,黄正宇,冯伯轩,杨帅,魏震等人被郝伟选拔训练。表现不错。郝伟晋升并使abo亚搏手机版app用年轻球员。球员的技能在该国是首屈一指的。 在中国,郝薇具有独立领导和组队的能力,是70年代出生的中生代教练中最好的。他持有专业教练证书,并指导超级联赛球队。鉴于中国足协培养和发展国内教练团队的思想,像郝伟这样有潜力的年轻教练应该有更多机会展示自己的能力。

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